Strange Ranger – “Needing You”

Strange Ranger – “Needing You”

The big, melodic indie rockers Strange Ranger never seem to keep still for all. Last year, Strange Ranger — formerly of both Montana and Portland, now based in Philadelphia — released their Remembering The Rockets album. Earlier this year, they spearheaded a benefit compilation that raised money for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. (Remember that? Good times!) Today, Strange Ranger have come out with a new single that hints at a whole new sound.

Strange Ranger’s style has changed over the years, but it’s usually been based in heart-swelling, guitars-first, ’90s-style indie rock. On their new joint “Needing You,” though Strange Ranger use shuffling breakbeats and vocal filters, and the track lands somewhere between twee dream-pop and chillwave. But even with a different set of sounds, Strange Ranger still strive for big, life-affirming hooks.

There’s also a “Needing You” video. Fiona Woodman, one of the band’s two singers, films Isaac Eiger, the other singer, as he howls out the song on a New York rooftop. The clip is in crisp slo-mo black-and-white, and it’s all a single shot. It looks cool! Check it out below.

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