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Stranded – “Post-Meridian”

Stranded – “Post-Meridian”

Stranded is a mysterious/unnamed musician based in Atlanta who is, at least nominally, an electronic artist. The couple of EPs he’s released so far bore tinges of house music, but he mixes those with a whole lot of other touchstones: He cites post-punk acts like Bauhaus and PiL alongside the classic ’80s 4AD era. It’s a great mix, and it’s already garnered him (accurate) comparisons to a sort of early DFA aesthetic. But there’s something shadowy and eerie in some of his music that was only rarely present in that DFA scene. If his new EP Post-Meridian is anything to go off of, Stranded’s leaning further into the post-punk influences and arriving at an angular, nervy iteration of dance music.

That EP arrives at the end of next month, and today Stranded’s sharing its title track. “Post-Meridian” is a propulsive, lithe track, with an ESG-esque bassline and all kinds of perfect guitar and synth tones as it builds itself up. Throughout, Stranded’s presence is more mellow, a conversational voice as the song grows more dramatic and infectious around him.

Check it out below.

The Post-Meridian EP is out 11/27 via Homage.

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