Haim Cast Robert Pattinson As An “Emotional Vampire” For Their “3AM” Performance On Seth Meyers

Haim Cast Robert Pattinson As An “Emotional Vampire” For Their “3AM” Performance On Seth Meyers

The ’90s-inspired R&B track “3AM” is one of the most popular songs on Haim’s Women In Music Pt. III, and it’s probably going to become more beloved now. Haim went all-out for their Halloween-themed performance of the song on Thursday’s episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Ahead of the song, Robert Pattison showed up to reprise the late-night booty call that serves as the “3AM” intro. (I’m pretty sure Vegyn is the original voice from the album, but not 100% sure.) Under a full moon while a werewolf howled, Pattison was identified on a phone screen as “Emotional Vampire” — a nice little nod to the film that made him famous, and one that fits with the song’s themes about being plagued by exhaustingly needy men.

The Haim sisters dressed as vampire brides and played the song in a forest at night, with spooky lights glowing in the distance. As with many remote late-night TV performances, this was pre-recorded footage that felt more like a music video with high production value. When it was over, Danielle and Este showed up with a reminder to vote “or else.”

The Haim sisters also joined Meyers for a remote interview. They discussed the time Meyers saved them by supplying booze at their SNL performance in 2013, playing the bar attached to Canters Deli (as seen on the WIMPIII cover) with their childhood family band, opening up for a Harry Potter-themed band back in the day, and how they got Pattinson to participate in their performance. (Apparently they asked Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch first but didn’t hear back.) Check it all out below.

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