Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Tonight’s the big night — Zoom Party 2020, the livestream/festival for VIP donors to Stereogum’s crowdfunding campaign. If you donated $100 or more and didn’t get an info email with the password this week hit us up at asap! We’ve got performances from DIIV, Kevin Morby, Jess Williamson, Squid, Westerman, Porridge Radio, Low, Girl Band, Ezra Koenig, Bartees Strange, Samia, Jim James, Waxahatchee, Mirah, Anjimile, I Break Horses, the Mountain Goats, Frances Quinlan, Sasami, Lomelda, Amber Mark, Sad13, Ela Minus, Chris Farren, Hinds, Jarvis Cocker, and MANY more. It’s gonna be long, and yes this will all be on the quiz.


#10  padfoot24
Score:37 | Oct 21st

Album came out right when I started college, and right before I met my wife. When I decided to quit my job, pack it up, move down to NC, and put an end to 3 years of long distance dating, I listened to “Carolina” (shout out meat for putting it on my road trip playlist) and the Broken Dreams Club EP on repeat. I don’t have any emotional ties to FSHG except for the fact that it’s a perfect fucking album and makes me cry just because it exists.

Posted in: Girls’ Chet “JR” White Dead At 40
#9  padfoot24
Score:37 | Oct 21st

Fucking gutted…

Posted in: Girls’ Chet “JR” White Dead At 40
#8  blochead
Score:39 | Oct 21st

This band changed my life. Not unlike Pads above me…..I am gutted.

Posted in: Girls’ Chet “JR” White Dead At 40
#7  KevinDuFlockaRant
Score:45 | Oct 21st

Wow…3 albums done! Can’t wait for them to come out…but please…don’t put out every thing now…

Posted in: Win Butler Wrote “Two Or Three” Arcade Fire Albums In Lockdown
#6  sandro
Score:46 | Oct 21st

Jumping the shark with the horse

Posted in: Riding A Live Horse While Beating A Dead One
#5  padfoot24
Score:51 | Oct 22nd

Glad to see some positive buzz for Lily

Posted in: Lily Allen Announces New Vibrator
#4  bakedbeans
Score:55 | Oct 20th

Entire commentariat:

Posted in: Album Of The Week: Magik Markers 2020
#3  YoLaFoxtrot
Score:57 | Oct 21st

Yeah, but how many GOOD Arcade Fire albums has he written in lockdown?

Posted in: Win Butler Wrote “Two Or Three” Arcade Fire Albums In Lockdown
#2  Barnable
Score:57 | Oct 16th

I got the job!

It’s been a long and demoralizing 6 months (5 virtual years), but thanks to TNOCS for providing support and a welcome diversion!

Here’s to future days⁹

Posted in: The Number Ones: Paul Young’s “Everytime You Go Away”
#1  bornslippy
Score:91 | Oct 20th

Coincidentally, $0.50 is also Trump’s tax bill this year.

Posted in: 50 Cent Endorses Donald Trump: “I Don’t Care Trump Doesn’t Like Black People”


#5  SassyGirl
Score:-15 | Oct 20th

I’m excited for his next publicity stunt. It’s going to have to be big to maintain relevancy and cash flow. I predict 6ix9ine will get a sex change.

Posted in: 6ix9ine Facing Lawsuit Over Underage Sexual Videos
#4  blochead
Score:-16 | Oct 22nd

It’s amazing to think that as a solo artist, AND that solo album being an instrumental one, that Adrianne was able to match her bands boring ass output. kudos?

Posted in: Stream Adrianne Lenker’s New Album instrumentals

Brad Negrotto
Score:-22 | Oct 16th

Not the biggest pop fan, but I’ll take this over the crap they play on the radio or whatever it-indie-pop band Pitchfork and Stereogum are peddling.

Posted in: Lana Del Rey – “Let Me Love You Like A Woman”
#2  inthedeadofknight
Score:-29 | Oct 22nd

Unfortuante news.

Posted in: Danny Brown Teases New Album XXXX On Twitter
#1  Krillin
Score:-45 | Oct 21st

Both Miley Cyrus and Pearl Jam go so well together considering they both suck donkey balls and they both appeal to overly-white hardcore SJW Joe Biden supporters.

I wonder when Miley Cyrus is going to get the memo that NO ONE likes her and NO ONE has and will EVER buy into her lame ass tastes and personality.

Posted in: Watch Miley Cyrus Cover Pearl Jam On MTV Unplugged


Score:2 | Oct 19th

Mo’ money, mo’ problems…..

Posted in: Rapper Arrested For Unemployment Fraud After Rapping About Committing Unemployment Fraud

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