Coke Zero Gets White, Jack White

Get psyched, Coke Zero and 007 are teaming up to promote curiously named blockbuster-to-be Quantum Of Solace (watch the trailer here). Kicking off this integrated marketing campaign is an animated James Bond-themed Coke Zero commercial featuring car chases, kung-fu, sexy ladies and a new original score by Jack White. It’s his second original composition for the brand (jingle “What Goes Around Comes Around” appeared in 2006) and should whet your appetite for “Another Way To Die,” the Bond theme he recorded with Alicia Keys for the new film.

This MarketWatch story touts Coca-Cola Zero’s “masculine positioning” (it’s how Daniel Craig got his pecs) and quotes the product’s brand director saying Coke Zero and James Bond share an edgy persona and a global fan base. Just like the White Stripes. Take a look/listen (bet you can guess the color scheme)…

Thanks Auddy for the tip. The Raconteurs’ whirlwind transatlantic tour hits Portland next week. Quantum Of Solace hits theaters 11/14 (10/31 in the UK).