Dr. Dog: Threat or Menace?

Dr. Dog might not be for everyone, but what’s with all the hate? The worst I can say about them is that if you mention them to others, there’s a 70% chance your third sentence will be, “Ok, it’s a terrible name, but they’re good.” But there’s no particular reason for a blase news item, an announcement about their contract with Rough Trade, to include such vitriol:

[…] it’s with more than a slight hint of bewilderment that we report the newly announced Rough Trade signing of relatively unknown (and horribly monikered) Philadelphia rock outfit Dr. Dog. For those unfamiliar with the group (hello world!), the band generously blends multi-part Beach Boys/Beatles harmonies with retro-shaded diminished chords to create… a wholly average local band package. Yeah, somebody draw up a contract!


At least Dr. Dog is cool about it:

But bad press, doesn?t ever feel bad. It’s sort of, you subject yourself to any breed of opinions when?I mean I?m an extremely opinionated bastard and I would never want to be a music reviewer because, we all just kind of sit around and complain about modern music and the state of radio. I totally know what its like to hear something, and formulate an opinion based on the tinniest most superficial aspect of it. “Oh the bassline sounds like a bassline from a Beatles song. Clearly these guys are assholes for copying.” We draw all these hard conclusions, and I find myself doing that as well.

Check out a track from 2005’s Easy Beat and tell me if they really deserve a sack of hate, or if they’re as good as their name is bad:

Dr. Dog – “Oh No” (MP3 link removed)


For the record, DDawg’s Bonnaroo set was worth checking out. Most fun was “Today,” a bouncy blast of lo-fi pop featuring three-part harmonies and silly lyrics about a summer barbeque.

Dr. Dog – “Today” (MP3 link removed)

And everyone was off watching Earl Scruggs, so it wasn’t crowded! Philly, holla.

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