Winston C.W. – “Business”

Winston C.W. – “Business”

Do you know how many music critics actually make music? Not many! It’s not necessarily that those of us who write about this stuff for a living aren’t talented — though I can say that I am absolutely not talented, in the slightest, at all. It’s that we know how much music there is out there, how hard it is to make the slightest impact or to ask the world to take us seriously. To make that step — to actually make music yourself — must take enormous confidence. Apparently. Winston C.W. has that.

Winston C.W. is Winston Cook-Wilson, writer for publications like Pitchfork and The Guardian and co-host of the Late Era podcast. (I don’t know him well, but he seems like a good guy.) Wilson also plays in the indie band Office Culture, and he makes music on his own.

Next month, Cook-Wilson will release his new solo album Good Guess. Cook-Wilson recorded the LP live-in-studio with members upright bassist Carmen Rothwell and electric guitarist Ryan Beckley, both of the Brooklyn band Scree. Cook-Wilson sings and plays piano, and there’s an exploratory jazz-singer quality to his songs. I get some serious Kaputt-era Destroyer vibes from “Business,” Cook-Wilson’s new single, which Cook-Wilson says is about “the business of getting through life and a given day.” Check it out below.

Good Guess is out 12/4 on Ruination Record Co./Whatever’s Clever.

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