Animal Collective At Webster Hall

So Sunday night Jim, Jed and I were supposed to see Animal Collective at Webster Hall. J&J cancelled at the LAST MINUTE (had to wash their hair or something) so I dialed The Cool Kids blogroll offering my extra VIP spots. No takers so I went by myself. (It’s right near my apartment, anyway.)

Met a nice guy who was telling me his friend Danny directed the surreal clip for “Who Could Win A Rabbit?” The two of us decided we would steal the table reserved to “Coco Schwabb” ’cause this bitch Coco hadn’t shown by 10:00. We had a few drinks until a massive posse kicked us out. Turns out it was David Bowie’s reserved table. I should’ve stayed ’cause then maybe I could’ve got a sharp shot of Bowie, instead of a blurry Panda Bear. So here’s a gig pic stolen from Jakob’s flickr.

According to Gawker Stalker, Bowie only stayed for 15 minutes.

With Geologist twiddling knobs while the other members shrieked inscrutable lyrics, it felt less like a rock concert and more like performance art. Fun, but would’ve been cooler in costumes.

I was too busy trying to chat up Daniel Kessler (“So, um, they’re not playing much Sung Tongs are they?”) to note the setlist. And obviously, I need some photography lessons. The band will be in NYC in March at your least favorite venue, Webster Hall.

And speaking of venues and cameras, I accidentally deleted my awesome pics of Les Sans Culottes from the Bravo Silva release party on Saturday. It was at Syrup Room, a great venue … if you can find it.