Watch Ashley McBryde Howl Out “Martha Divine” On Ellen

Watch Ashley McBryde Howl Out “Martha Divine” On Ellen

Last year, there were a bunch of news stories about Ellen DeGeneres being a human monster and about her talk show being an abusive workplace. That sucks! But DeGeneres still has her talk show, and if she’s going to keep using it to spotlight musicians that I like, then I guess I’m going to post those videos. Case in point: Ashley McBryde.

McBryde is a hard-as-fuck country singer whose grimy, gritty, desperate, literary songs fly in the face of Nashville-industry orthodoxy. Last year, McBryde released the really great sophomore album Never Will.Today, McBryde was a guest on Ellen, and she played “Martha Divine.” The song is a searching, scorching murder ballad about killing the lady who’s having an affair with your father: “Honor thy father/ Honor thy mother/ But the Bible doesn’t say a damn thing about your daddy’s lover.”

“Martha Divine” might be a weird song to use if you’re introducing yourself to whoever watches Ellen, but that’s how McBryde gets down. McBryde played an arena-sized take on the song; she and her band her and her band knocked it out in a studio with lights and a big LED screen. Watch it below.

Never Will is out now on Warner Music Nashville. Also: Finding Nemo is still a good movie.

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