Stream Tørsö’s Ferocious New EP Home Wrecked

Stream Tørsö’s Ferocious New EP Home Wrecked

For the past few days, the big news story, at least in my timeline, has been about a bunch of Reddit speculators turning the New York Stock Exchange into a site of chaos and wrecking the meticulously laid plans of various hedge funds, and it’s also been about stockbroker apps panicking and doing whatever they can to keep people from doing that. It’s been heartening to see people invading these late-capitalist churches and throwing shit on the floor, and it’s been frustrating to see market forces going into gatekeeper mode. But for those of us who have always seen the stock market as evil black-magic hoodoo, there’s always been a more satisfying (though arguably less effective) way of voicing your dissent about capitalism. It’s screaming at these rat fucks and telling them that you hate them. Tørsö do that.

Tørsö, the great Bay Area hardcore punk band, have just followed up their 2019 EP Build And Break with Home Wrecked, a new three-song face-ripper that lasts just five minutes and leaves your head spinning. Two of the songs, “Home Wrecked” and “Weightless,” are originals. The other, “You’re X’ed,” is a cover of a 1981 tantrum from DC hardcore originators the Faith.

Tørsö recorded the new EP with Deafheaven/Jeff Rosenstock/Gulch collaborator Jack Shirley. The tracks actually aren’t new; they came from the same sessions that gave us the Build And Break EP. But since the members of the band are quarantining in different cities, that’s the only way they could release a new record. It’s great to hear them, and it’s not like these songs have lost any punch in the last two years. As that (amazing) cover art implies, the new songs are inspired by the moneyed classes taking over the band’s hometown, making it too expensive for everyone else. It’s the type of music that might make you want to hit a stockbroker upside the head with a can of pickles. (I thought long and hard about what I wanted to hit a stockbroker with, and the pickles are the best option. You get the blunt-force trauma of the initial impact, the cuts from the broken glass, and then the stockbroker also ends up smelling like pickle juice. Also, the pickle juice probably ruins his suit.) Stream the EP below

The Home Wrecked EP is out now on Revelation Records.

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