Seth Cohen’s Cellphone

How come on The O.C. none of the characters have ringtones? You’d think a Penguin-clad, Barsuk-loving lad like Seth Cohen would drop $1.99 on a Megatone to replace that old-school beep. I doubt The Subways would object. Just when it seemed like our favorite Thursday night soap opera couldn’t get any more REAL, I’m beginning to think Josh Schwartz dropped the ball.

CSI: NY, on the other hand, is all over this shit. At a key moment in last night’s crime-fighting fun, detective Danny Messer’s phone started playing the new Coldplay single “Talk.” (Cross-promotional deal between CBS and Capitol, obvs; the scene was followed by a commercial for the “Talk” ringtone.)

This post is probably going to display twenty hours from now. Yes, our blog is still fucked (Movable Type blames Media Temple and vice versa) and we are thisclose to begging one of you for MySQL help … but if your computer lets you comment, tell us which ringtone your favorite TV character would have. Think of it as the Stereogum version of Monkees = Monkees.

The Subways – “Rock & Roll Queen” (MP3)
The Subways – “Staring At The Sun” (TVOTR Cover) (MP3)