Green Day: 3rd Band With 5 Hits From 2 CDs

Billboard reports:

With the No. 37 debut of “Jesus of Suburbia” on Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks chart, punk rock trio Green Day becomes the third act to pull five singles from the same album more than once on this airplay-based chart.

The title track from its current album, “American Idiot,” peaked at No. 1, as did “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and “Holiday.” “Wake Me Up When September Ends” went to No. 2.

Green Day last performed this feat with its 1994 major-label debut, “Dookie,” which yielded the singles “Longview” (No. 1), “Basket Case” (No. 1), “Welcome to Paradise” (No. 7), “When I Come Around (No. 1) and “She” (No. 5).

The other two acts that have scored with five singles from the same album more than once are R.E.M. with “Automatic for the People” and “Monster,” and Linkin Park with “Hybrid Theory” and “Meteora.” One big difference: those two groups culled their sets of five hits from consecutive albums.

This is the type of almost-interesting music trivia I inevitably remember for life, yet I’ve forgotten everything from 8th Grade bio except “Mitochondria are ‘The Powerhouse of the Cell.'”

Anyway, congrats Billie Joe.