New Beth Orton – “Conceived” … Plus Nellie, Jenny, & Gemma-y

The first time I got my hands on the video for “She Cries Your Name,” I watched it three times in a row. I was transfixed, and a Beth Orton fan for life.

The Brit chanteuse’s 4th, Comfort Of Strangers, drops 2/7. Here’s a stream of the first single. (We’d host MP3, but frankly Astralwerks scares us — their roster’s so hott they don’t even service us with promos.)

Beth Orton – “Conceived” (Real Audio)

Pretty for a Sunday, though unremarkable. Still, I have big hopes for Comfort because it was produced by Jim O’Rourke. A long, rambling Stereogum post on why the ex-Gastr Del Sol/Sonic Youther frustrates to no end is long overdue. His solo albums are amazing, but recent collaborations have been boring (Grizzly Man OST) and unlistenable (White Out). At least some new Loose Fur is coming, but I digress…

Here’s some old Orton with old Chicago soul man tackling an old Fred Neil song.

Beth Orton & Terry Callier – “Dolphins” (MP3 Link Expired)


  • Nellie McKay – “The Big One” (Real Audio)
  • Gemma Hayes – “Nothing Can” (MP3 Link Expired)
    …and reposted from last week
  • Jenny Lewis – “Handle With Care” (MP3 Link Expired)

    Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Endelman is as curious as us about J.Lew’s Wilburys cover:

    JENNY LEWIS: I wanted to do a Traveling Wilburys song. My mother was into it. It was always on in the house and on the radio. I couldn’t find [the CD] anywhere. Finally, a friend got one in a used-record store bin for $1, so I copied his.

    So why are the twangy supergroup’s LPs out of print?

    TOM PETTY: It’s a simple, explanation, really. George [who owned the rights and acted as manager] really wanted to do another Wilburys record, with the idea of bringing them all out on CD at once. But we never just got around to it. I guess people live off their brother’s old copy. And I think they’d really like some new ones!

    EW notes that a Wilburys reissue with bonus tracks and DVD is planned for next year.