A bunch of things I meant to blog days ago…

  • Ben Folds’ Songs For Goldfish has a live Cure cover (“In Between Days,” first heard on Speed Graphic) and a studio Lucinda Williams cover (“Side Of The Road,” which we never heard before). For $2500 you can take it to Crobar to get it autographed by Ben and Bill Clinton.

  • Suckapants has pics and video from last night’s Iron & Wine/Calexico show along with NPR MP3s of the bands covering “All Tomorrow’s Parties” and “Wild Horses.” I finally converted my video of Sam Beam playing the Bonnaroo press tent to MP3, but the audio quality is shitty; would’ve been cool to share (there were only about 15 people there) so if anyone wants to take a stab removing hiss, e-mail me. Tonight’s I&W/Calexico show features a special guest named Sufjan (We know you’ve got photos … post ‘em in the comments).

  • It’s been two years since the Stellastarr*/Elefant/Fever/Flesh/Aerial Love Feed sound ruled the MP3-blogosphere. My favorite (and they’re great live too) was Elefant. Diego & Co. are putting on The Black Magic Show in April. Here’s a preview:
    Elefant – “The Clown” (MP3)
    Stellastarr* — sorry, stellastarr* – aren’t bad either. Our favorite Pumpkin remixed their latest single. Enjoy:
    stellastarr* – “Sweet Troubled Soul (Iha Remix)” (MP3)

  • It’s not often I get to blog about Iowa. Blogger/songwriter Benjamin Wagner just wrapped up a tour of the heartland in support of his new CD. We’ve set up a contest so you can win it along with lots of fun Iowa stuff, lovingly wrapped in an Iowa-shaped gift basket:

    - Benjamin Wagner Heartland CD
    – The Nadas Listen Through The Static CD
    – John Deere baseball cap
    – “Iowa #1″ lapel pin
    – “Iowa: Home of the Tallest Corn” shot glass
    – Iowa mini flag
    – Iowa playing cards
    – Geode (the official state rock, obvs)
    – One stick of “Heart of Iowa” summer sausage

    To enter, e-mail contests @ (THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER) and we’ll pick a winner at random. Check out Ben in the flesh at Fat Baby Tuesday night. Here, from the new CD, is his cool bluegrass take on my favorite Matthew Sweet song:
    Benjamin Wagner – “Girlfriend” (MP3 Link Expired)

  • Michael Palmieri doesn’t think MTV’s edit of Stroke’s “Juicey Juice” properly displays old women’s “fucked up intimate relations with pets.” The director’s posted a cut on his own site that’s more true to the original vision. Watch it here (.mov). Hopefully Palmieri’s clip for New Pornos’ “Sing Me Spanish Techno” has more Larry the Cable Guy David Cross, less vomit.

  • Speaking of music videos, Lionel Richie’s “Hello” is the worst one of all time according to some UK TV poll. Really? Stereogum thinks it’s the BEST video of all time! Here’s the storyboard I posted in January:

    See him stalking his blind student? Creepy.

    Every breath you take, every move you make… Nice sweater.

    He even follows her to dance class. Shouldn’t she be dancing on the ceiling?


    He calls her at home. It’s the ’80s so she doesn’t have Caller ID.


    “Is this Billy Ocean! It’s Billy Ocean isn’t it?!”

    “No no no. It’s Professor Richie.”


    Alas, she falls for him.

    “Hi. I have a surprise for you.”

    “Hel-loooooooooooo. It’s beautiful.”

    “No, you’re beautiful. Although I do have blindness of the eyes.”

    THE END.

    You’re probably dying to hear Paul Anka cover it.
    Paul Anka – “Hello” (MP3)

  • Has anyone figured out what’s up with Lindsay Lohan’s album cover? I’m still confused.