NYC Buskers Premiere New Oasis Songs

So much went down in NYC this weekend. There was that one thing that happened where a few of the world’s leading financial institutions collapsed, forcing well heeled and overcompensated investment bankers to vacate their Manhattan offices while sending the rest of the country into a potential-Black Monday panic, or something. But more importantly: Oasis premiered new songs in a novel way! As mentioned last week, the Virgin Fest attack forced the band to cancel their show at Terminal 5 Friday night, but the brothers Gallagher made good on their promise to personally teach a group of NYC buskers the ways of some new, Dig Out Your Soul tunes. (You can view some unexciting rehearsal footage here.) The MTA musicians took the songs to the subway stations and the streets, and since Oasis wants this to be your first impression of their new material, please try to enjoy.

This first batch comes from NYC duo Dagmar:




Since you’ve heard “The Shock Of The Lightning,” here’s Dagmar’s take on that, which may provide a frame of reference for their stylistic liberties:

For another feel on the songs, here’s one more version of “(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady,” this time by Brooklyn’s Next Tribe, filmed at the rehearsal session:

Dig Out Your Soul is out the first week of October. Release date of the US economy’s tailspin TBD.