Ben Folds & Bill Clinton

Korrespondant Kevan reports from Last Night’s Party:

Several hundred people packed into Crobar. Ben Folds performed a few songs — [something I didn’t know], “Philosophy,” “Brick,” and “One Angry Dwarf,” which he let the audience vote for “in the spirit of democracy.” Then he introduced Clinton by saying, “I get to introduce the President, Bill Clinton.” Bill got lots of applause and was treated like a rock star. He spoke shit about current policies for a while, said how Hillary would change them. At one point when he was talking about her running for Senate, someone shouted out, “What about President?” Clinton laughed and said, “We’ll get to that later…” but he never did. After his speech he worked the rope line a bit and shook lots of hands. Nothing too interesting.

Glad we didn’t miss anything!

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