Father John Misty Announces Two Free Shows With The LA Phil

Father John Misty Announces Two Free Shows With The LA Phil

It’s been a good long while since we’ve heard from Father John Misty. Bearded and sardonic singer-songwriter extraordinaire Josh Tillman actually graced us with quite a bit of music last year — two new songs, a live album, covers of T. Rex and Leonard Cohen — but his formerly hyperactive public profile has been scaled back significantly. His Twitter, while reactivated, is absent of all the old quips. Like many musicians, he hasn’t played a show since 2019, when he was out supporting the prior year’s God’s Favorite Customer, for which he gave no interviews.

Is he about to step back into the spotlight? For at least two nights in September, he is. FJM just announced a pair of free concerts with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The shows are taking place Sept. 22 and 23 at The Ford, a 1,050-capacity outdoor amphitheater, so unfortunately it’s not something you can just walk up to and vibe out, Misty style. You have to register in a ticket lottery at Tillman’s website, which will remain open until Sept. 5 at 10PM PT. Winners will be limited to two tickets per email address and notified between Sept. 14 and 17. If you get tickets, you can use them at either one of the shows.

OK, good luck!

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