Problems with Comments/Permalinks/Etc

We’re working on it. Basically, the database still has some issues, which makes it crash when people try to open dynamic pages like the comments/permalink pages. So it’s not a problem with Kinja or Firefox or Bloglines- it’s our hosting company’s server. It sucks on the admin end, too, since that’s all database driven…anyway, it’s keeping us all up nights, especially Scott, so if you can all hang in there, we’ll have it back together soon.

In the mean time, enjoy this video for Andrew J. Thompson’s “There Must Be Some Kind of Misunderstanding.” Mike Doughty likes it … it definitely grew on me a lot with every listen. I think I’m going to sing it now.

PREVIOUSLY: Go to our July guilt-free MP3 post to download another Andrew Thompson tune. He likes robots and his URL is