Supine – “No Altar For The Company Man”

Supine – “No Altar For The Company Man”

Philadelphia’s Supine make a crushingly heavy version of screamo. There’s plenty of hardcore and indie rock in the band’s sound, and it’s got a deep connection to the frantic, expressionist roots of screamo. But Supine sound more to me like extreme metal — just with a singer who seems to be going through a nervous breakdown mid-song.

Supine have been putting out music since 2017, and they’re now getting ready to release their full-length debut No Altar For The Company Man. They shared the early track “Inherited Wealth” last year, and they’ve now followed it with the title track, a runaway bulldozer of a song.

“No Altar For The Company Man,” as the title implies, is an all-out attack on the idea of corporations and their stooges controlling everything. In grand screamo tradition, Supine convey that through feverish purple language: “Augment the reins to offset the power concentrated in glistening palms/ Augment the reins to undermine the weight of a few fronds.” Check out the song below.

No Altar For The Company Man is out 9/17 on No Funeral Records/I.Corrupt.Records.

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