Stream Section H8’s Pulverizing Debut Album Welcome To The Nightmare

Stream Section H8’s Pulverizing Debut Album Welcome To The Nightmare

In April, the LA hardcore band Section H8 played an instantly legendary guerrilla show under a Los Angeles overpass. Thousands of people showed up. There were bonfires. There were fireworks. There were police helicopters. Videos from that show look like scenes from a post-apocalyptic movie. When they played that show, Section H8 had only released a couple of EPs. Today, they’ve come out with their full-length debut Welcome To The Nightmare, and it sounds like a fitting soundtrack for that whole beautifully chaotic spectacle.

Section H8 play fast, fierce, nasty hardcore with the feral bounce of prime Suicidal Tendencies. This isn’t metallic hardcore, exactly; it’s still very much connected to punk rock. But any given track from this album is also a convincing argument that you should not fuck with these guys, that your skull might fundamentally change shape if you were to say the wrong thing.

The band recorded Welcome To The Nightmare with Taylor Young, the producer who recorded recent monsterworks from bands like Dead Heat, God’s Hate, Regional Justice Center, and Drain. First single “Nightmare” sounds like a truck crashing into your face. Second single “Streetsweeper” features Rancid’s Tim Armstrong sounding like an absolute maniac. (I wonder if the hidden-track shout-along cover of Jimmy Cliff’s “The Harder They Come” was Armstrong’s idea. It definitely seems like a Tim Armstrong move.) The whole album is just feverishly good, and you can stream it below.

Welcome To The Nightmare is out now on Flatspot Records.

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