New Mogwai – “Glasgow Mega-Snake”

supposed album sleeve artIs there any better music for wine and painkillers than Mogwai? The new album, Mr. Beast, has semi-leaked, missing “Robocop Vs. the Orange Walk” and “We’re No Here”, and including a possibly fucked copy of the first single, “Friend of the Night”. It’s hard to tell, since their press materials say they’re moving away from “the quiet-loud/quiet-loud formula”, and glitchy-not glitchy is one way to do it. Does anyone know if the leak version’s really the single?

Glasgow Mega-Snake rocks, though, and the rest of the album is really good, but it’s not “better than Loveless”, no matter what Alan McGee says.

Mogwai – “Glasgow Mega-Snake” (MP3 Link Expired)