Stream Koma’s Exhilarating Noise-Shredded Hardcore Debut Internment Failure

Stream Koma’s Exhilarating Noise-Shredded Hardcore Debut Internment Failure

Koma are a band out of London and Leeds playing a strain of aggressively noisy hardcore that sounds like an army of robots murdering each other with chainsaws and lasers while an endless barrage of bombs drop from the sky. Their debut album Internment Failure, out now on La Vida Es En Mus, comprises 12 tracks of relentless sonic violence — the kind of punk that hits like black metal, perpetually frantic and static-laden, with vocals that split the difference between war cries and righteously infuriated rants.

On Bandcamp, amidst references to bands like Mellakka and Bastard and Chain Reaction, we’re told Internment Failure was “expertly recorded by James Atkinson over a weekend at The Stationhouse in Leeds and then pushed beyond the extreme by Shigenori Kobayashi at Noise Room.” And yes, “beyond the extreme” is an apt description for Koma’s approach. This is some of the most hellaciously intense music you’ll encounter this year, a brutal nonstop endorphin rush that leaves barely any time to catch your breath. Stream the album below.

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