Deserta – “I’m So Tired”

Deserta – “I’m So Tired”

Former Saxon Shore/Midnight Faces member Matthew Doty has announced a new album, Every Moment, Everything You Need. It’s the sophomore outing for his solo moniker Deserta, quick on the heels of the project’s debut last year. So far, he’s already shared one song from it, “Lost In The Weight.” Today, he’s back with another.

Doty’s latest is called “I’m So Tired.” Here’s what he had to say about it:

This song started out as a completely different song, a little more Echo & The Bunnymen sans the soaring vocals sounding. I didn’t feel like it was fitting in with the rest of the songs and I remember it taking quite a few tries to figure out what needed to change, to the point I would have scrapped it had the drums not already been tracked and sounding good. I also remember when it came together — my wife had just gone to work and usually by that time our son would be up and about. This day he happened to sleep in and I took advantage of it. I had to work fast so I simultaneously played a Moog bass line with my left hand and a Mellotron bell/flute combo with the right. When that second of the three chords played I knew that was the sound. I modified the melody from the first version which then became the chorus vocal melody and a lead guitar line, slapped an arpeggiated synth on there, mumbled some bullshit and there it is. A song.

Like “Lost In The Weight,” “I’m So Tired” is a sonically immersive track, Doty’s voice a whisper shrouded in layers of synths and guitars that sit at a crossroads between new wave, shoegaze, and dream-pop. Check it out below.

01 “Lost In The Weight”
02 “I’m So Tired”
03 “Where Did You Go”
04 “Far From Over”
05 “It’s All A Memory”
06 “A World Without”
07 “Goodbye Vista”
08 “Visions”

Every Moment, Everything You Need is out 2/25 via Felte. Pre-order it here.

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