Gummy Awards

The Gummy Awards: Stereogum 2005 Readers Poll – Vote & Win

Who knows if it was the cancelation of the NHL season, the new Pope, or the mere existence of Arcade Fire, but 2005 was the year indie rock got bigger than ever. There were so many great albums, and at least a couple of instant classics, so we decided to open up Stereogum’s end-of-year list to everyone. The three of us can’t agree on a top 100, much less a top 20.

The deal: CLICK HERE (POLL’S CLOSED; TALLY, YO) to vote on Stereogum’s 2005 Readers Poll and we’ll randomly select a winner to receive the TOP 20 ALBUMS OF 2005 as determined by your submissions. That way at least one of you won’t feel guilty about downloading most of them.

You’ve only got one week to vote (poll closes 12/21 @ 7 EST), so get to it!

UPDATE: You will NOT be disqualified if you accidentally voted for an album from 2004. Anyone who enters is eligible to win.