New Cold War Kids Video – “Something Is Not Right With Me”

2006 was a good year for Cold War Kids — getting the internet love, the NME love, becoming a lightning rod for music critic conversations about blog bands and Christianity, etc. They’re back now with the Loyalty To Loyalty LP, and on first listen to the lead single we noted not too much had changed (“they learned a disco rhythm — otherwise it’s still relatively twitchy and full of those soul yelps”). The video shows the Kids are still twitchy in person, too, although that fits the song’s title — in an abandoned warehouse space, drawing on chalkboards and knocking shit over, rocking in chairs and frantically trading dishware. I.e. trying not to let it show, not doing a very good job of it.

Loyalty To Loyalty is out 9/23 via Downtown. Download two remixes of “Something Is Not Right With Me” at MySpace.