Monday Video Roundup (CYHSY Needs Your Help!)

Our friends in CYHSY need your help: they don’t have a video of their appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien! Do any of you have a copy or know where we can find one? Quicktime or WMV are the preferred formats. Conan’s performance video page has stuff up until Wednesday, and it might include CYHSY’s performance later this week. Thing is, there might be some weird rights issues with that, if they just download the video. Eternal thanks from the band if you’ve got it.

Great weekend for comedy and music, come to think of it- as much as we love both CYHSY and Conan, the funniest thing from the weekend has to be Lazy Sunday, the “Chronic”les of Narnia rap from SNL. (via everywhere and about nine emails)

Gluttons for humpishment should check out the Dog-Eyed Welders marrying their a capella cover of “My Humps” to the video.

Oh, and We Are Scientists are on Letterman tonight.

Update: MP3 of Lazy Sunday’s “Chronic”les of Narnia via Digg