Duck Nuts for Your Ears

Via ILM, a story from Other Music about Michael Stipe buying CDs for Mario Batali, his best bud. Here’s what he bought:

-Gang of Four’s “Entertainment”
-The Stranglers’ “Rattus Norvegicus”
-“a Dennis Bovell comp” (“Decibel“?)
-an un-named Neutral Milk Hotel album
-Stereolab’s “Emperor Tomato Ketchup”

Except for the Dennis Bovell, which I’ve never heard, I love all those albums. But they seem like exactly the ones I would avoid if I was buying stuff for a guy whose tastes (supposedly) run more to the Grateful Dead. It’s like if Mario made Michael try the duck nuts at Del Posto: delicious, but best served to people with refined palettes.

What bands do you always want to put on a mix, but never do?