KoRn Dude Covers Lil Wayne

Jonathan Davis and Lil Wayne both have dreads and tattoos, so this is a really good idea everybody. The KoRN singer, who appears to be on a one-man mission to humiliate himself as thoroughly as possible through the art of the terrible cover, has moved on from ooom-da-da-ooom-da-da-eema-ing Radiohead and the Cure to something more zeitgeist friendly. Here’s his take on the recently SNLed “Got Money.” It’s like a KoRn song, but worse, and with autotuner. Enjoy.

He be clapping all night in this bitch. That’s too much fail for one man alone, so it’s worth mentioning this was a collaboration with Slipknot’s Jim Root and Davis’s side band The SFA. Jonathan’s working on an album with the SFA, in fact. We’ll be sure not to keep you posted. But still, this would be a pretty great track to bring down a party, so go ahead and download it at jdsfa.com for the small price of an email and your dignity.

Tags: KoRn, Lil Wayne