New Joanna Newsom MP3s

Milk-Eyed Mender was one of my favorite albums of ’04. Even Modest Mice talked it up in Filter.

ISAAC BROCK: That Joanna Newsom album is amazing. There’s something about [her] music — it’s honest without trying to be folk, but it is. And somehow it’s more contemporary because it’s not trying to be modern. I don’t know if heartstrings are real, but if they are, they’re damn good at jerking on them.
ERIC JUDY: I like the Joanna Newsom album so much it feels like it should be the only one I talk about. I just got it a week ago and I listen to it all the time. Her voice is definitely out there — I think a lot of people might find it kinda harsh or not like it, but I do. It’s just really, really pretty.

Go here to download Some New Newsom, including two Hendrix covers. Don’t worry, you have her OK…

FREE WILLIAMSBURG: Do you download music a lot?
JOANNA: I would if I knew how. At this point, I don’t mind if people download my music because that means that there’s a person who wants to listen. I give away CDs at shows if someone wants a CD but doesn’t have any money. I wouldn’t want to do that forever. I would happy for someone to download my music.

I predicted celtic harp would take off in a big way this year. Guess I was wrong there. I was also wrong about Bloomberg buying us Segways during this week’s transit strike.