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Stereogum Readers Poll: (Some) Results Are In

Tallying your poll submissions has been a bitch. Over 3,000 of you voted during the weeklong polling period and our abacus just broke. We’re making progress, though, and will post your TOP 20 ALBUMS OF 2005 along with THE CONTEST WINNER tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s how you answered some of our other stupid questions…

What’s the best band name involving wolves that isn’t taken yet?
37.47%  The Fear of Virgina Wolf
23.44%  Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!
20.99%  Zwolf
09.74%  The Killers (of Wolves)
08.37%  Wolf 242

When did The O.C. jump the shark?
50.27%  I dont watch indie yuppie soap operas.
24.88%  Death Cab play the Bait Shop.
14.50%  Um, like NEVER. OMG.
10.34%  First episode.

How was our Federline coverage this year?
42.52%  Please stop.
39.45%  All good.
18.03%  Not enough.

Next up: Your #1 indie rock hottie of 2005…