Robyn Covers Saul Williams’ “List Of Demands (Reparations)”

Whenever I read about hip-hop poet Saul Williams, I’m reminded of something Lindsay blogged back in March:

For the past month or so, I’ve been enjoying a really bad video on MTV2’s Subterranean. It’s by a guy named Saul Williams and the song is called “List of Demands (Reparations).” It would just be a normal bad video for a normal bad (but catchy) song, if it weren’t for the climax, where the music pauses and Mr. Williams looks at the camera very seriously and dramatically and says: “God is just a baby. And the diaper is wet.” It’s gotten to the point where I fast forward through the show to get to that line. It makes me laugh so hard.

Lindsay, you may like the Bizarro Swedish version better. It has hand clapping and giggling (but not the offending line) and recently aired on SVT2’s Musikbyrån.

Saul Williams – “List Of Demands” (Windows Media)

Robyn Carlsson & Jenny Wilson – “List Of Demands” (Google Video)


Thanks Triforce for the heads up!