Stream Half Waif’s Surprise EP Portraits

Stream Half Waif’s Surprise EP Portraits

Nandi Rose has been releasing a lot of music recently. In 2020, she made her ANTI- debut with The Caretaker, then quickly followed that with last year’s Mythopoetics. Now, she’s apparently already working on another album, as well as a book. But first, she’s surprise dropped a new EP reflecting back on some of the material from the last two years.

Rose’s latest is called Portraits and it features her performing stripped down piano arrangements of four songs: “Swimmer” and “Fortress” from Mythopoetics and “My Best Self” and “Ordinary Talk” from The Caretaker.

“I came to music and to songwriting when I was a kid, singing at a piano,” Rose said in a statement. ”Over the years, I learned to build layered arrangements around the songs, which at times felt like a kind of armor. Returning to these voice and piano arrangements feels particularly vulnerable for me. There’s nothing to hide behind. But it also feels like a homecoming, a nod to where I came from. In this form, I saw the songs from a new angle — it was like we were meeting again after we’ve both done some growing up. Sometimes we can say more with so much less.”

Check it out below.

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