New Saul Williams Video – “DNA” (Stereogum Premiere)

Saul made lifetime fans at Lollapalooza this year. I was one of them. The man’s words speak for themselves — forcefully, and across various mediums — but none convey the power and showmanship he put in their service that day. Joined by his daughter Saturn (as he was in the “Sunday Bloody Sunday” video) and fittingly Tardusted in an intergalactic, aboriginal Ziggy glam getup, he laid waste to the stage and the crowd that thought it was just meant to be killing time before the Girl Talk set. This video, for LP cut “DNA,” pits him in frame rates and camera lenses as disoriented as his pitch-shifted vocal. Eventually everything comes into focus, like his lyrics promise they will, but not before Saul shuffles through the ghosts in his iPod and makes the cipher complete.

I’m a fan of that man. The video’s directed by Greg Brunkalla (see also: “List of Demands“). The two came up with the idea and executed it in a hotel room, in an hour. What did you do today?

The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of Niggy Tardust! is out.