Sufjan’s Next State: N/A

Last month a Stereogum reader got to have lunch with Sufjan Stevens and mutual ex-coworkers from when Mr. Indie Rock 2005 did freelance design for educational children’s books. She writes:

I had to say, I was SO disappointed by him because I was such a big fan. He likes making music, but says he’s going to take a big break from it. He’s the anti-artist and very uninterested in keeping up as a musician. He wants to write or work on a book for the next couple of years. He doesn’t get the whole fan thing nor does he see or pay attention to any of the accolades and props he’s getting. He said he got tired of his big theme shows and is doing the Time Warner center performance sans costumes). He’s glad to distance himself from all of that for a long while.

I can understand where he’s coming from … but c’mon, Sufjan, you KNEW there were 50 states. And the costumes were your idea. Don’t leave Delaware hanging.