Watch Franz Ferdinand’s Hard-Strutting James Corden Performance

Watch Franz Ferdinand’s Hard-Strutting James Corden Performance

Have you ever seen Franz Ferdinand play a bad live show? I never have. That band is 20 years in, and they still bring it to the stage in absolutely any circumstance. They could be touring through the sleepiest C-town, and they’ll play it like it’s the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Last night, Franz Ferdinand were the musical guests on James Corden’s Late Late Show. James Corden himself was very happy about this, which had me like: “Dammit, James Corden likes a thing that I also like.” But that’s my psychosis after years of blogging about James Corden segments; it’s not really anything to do with Franz Ferdinand. The band was on Corden because they recently released the best-of collection Hits To The Head, and they were on the show to perform the squelchy, funky “Curious,” one of the new songs on that LP. Once again, they brought it.

Alex Kapranos, it’s worth noting is 50 years old. He looks like a grown-up. He’s always looked like a grown-up. He just happens to be an exceptionally handsome and swagged-out grown-up. Alex Kapranos can wear a shiny pink button-up on television, and the world can be like, “Good job, Alex Kapranos. You made a good choice.” Franz Ferdinand are still a tough, efficient live band, and Kapranos always performs the hell out of those songs. Watch him do exactly that below.

Hits To The Head is out now on Domino. Check out our recent interview with the band here.

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