Introducing Stereogum’s MP3 Feed / Podcast

We were all set to go live with this back around Thanksgiving, but then the sever went all Dando and in the course of trying to fix it, I undid all the underlying code. It didn’t help, but by the time we got everything running again I was geeked out and didn’t feel like tangling with Movable Type again.

Speaking of, those Movable Type/Six Apart guys (Anil Dash & Jay Allen, in particular) are incredible. Just amazing on support. I can’t thank them enough.

Anyway, without further ado, I give you Stereogum’s MP3 Feed (down for technical reasons) (back up for all sorts of reasons!). Because we didn’t want to leech other bloggers’ bandwidth, we’re only featuring songs we host. The feed works in iTunes … if it doesn’t check out in your favorite program, e-mail us. To use it in iTunes:

1. Go to ADVANCED menu
3. Copy/paste this URL:
Copying is sometimes funky on Stereogum, so you can click on above link to easily get the URL.
4. OK

To kick off the feed, I’m tossing in two drone/chill mp3s from bands on Strange Attractors, Landing and Bright. I’ve been really enjoying both albums (“Brocade” and “Bells Break Their Towers“) … they work both for just kind of hanging out and actually getting stuff done.

According to Landing’s FAQ, they’re totally allergic to cats. Pitchfork has the title as “How to Be Clean,” which makes more sense in that context, but the label has it as “Clear,” so who knows? I dig it. Lots.

Landing – “How to Be Clear” (MP3 Link Expired)

This track, like most of Bright’s stuff, is largely improvisational, with some overdubbed instruments after the fact. Tiny Mix Tapes compared them to Can. In a good way.

Bright – “Receiver” (MP3 Link Expired)

UPDATE: I forgot to say the feed wouldn’t be possible without Brandon Fuller’s MT-Enclosures plugin.