Bernie Sanders Shares His Favorite Labor Songs

Bernie Sanders Shares His Favorite Labor Songs

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has shared a playlist of his favorite labor songs. Entries include Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land,” Pete Seeger’s “Solidarity Forever,” Almanac Singers’ “Talking Union” and “Which Side Are You On?,” Bobbi McGee’s “Union Maid,” Paul Robeson’s “Joe Hill,” and Judy Collins’ “Bread And Roses.”

“Music is extraordinarily important in creating solidarity and bringing people together,” Sanders tweeted about his playlist. “Here is a list of just a few of the songs that have meant a lot to me in my life. I hope you will take a moment to listen to some of them.”

He added in a follow-up tweet: “But we don’t only want to look to the past for great music. We want to put together a list of contemporary songs about the crises we face and how we can build a future that works for all of us. If you have a suggestion for a song or an artist, let me know in the replies.”

Listen to Sanders’ list of labor songs below, and thanks to Patrick N for the tip.

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