Watch Rina Sawayama Wail Out A Cover Of Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever”

Watch Rina Sawayama Wail Out A Cover Of Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever”

Rina Sawayama and Billie Eilish don’t necessarily have a ton in common with one another, but they’re both young pop stars who delight in smashing genres together and occasionally indulging in rock ‘n’ roll bombast. Sawayama just came out with her new LP Hold The Girl, and her promotional tour recently brought her to the BBC Live Lounge. Per Live Lounge tradition, Sawayama did a live-in-studio version of one of her own songs, and she also covered somebody else. In this case, that somebody else was Billie Eilish.

“Happier Than Ever,” the slow-building title track from Billie Eilish’s 2021 sophomore album, is one of Eilish’s best songs, and it seems to be sticking around. That song, for instance, shows up on the soundtrack of the new Netflix movie Do Revenge, and Black Country, New Road covered it onstage in New York earlier this month. In her Live Lounge visit, Sawayama sang her own “Hold The Girl,” and she also took on “Happier Than Ever,” really wailing when it got to the song’s climax. Below, check out Sawayama’s two Live Lounge performances and Eilish’s original “Happier Than Ever” video.

Hold The Girl is out now on Dirty Hit.

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