Ed Sheeran Makes Surprise Ibiza Appearance Singing Britney Spears And Backstreet Boys Songs

Ed Sheeran Makes Surprise Ibiza Appearance Singing Britney Spears And Backstreet Boys Songs

Imagine something. You’re at Ibiza on vacation. You’re at a club, and you’re dancing your face off. Maybe you took a pill! Maybe you’re high as fuck! It’s the middle of the day, but that doesn’t matter. It’s Ibiza! All of a sudden, the dance music stops, and somebody jump on the soundsystem to say something, but you don’t catch it. You look over at the stage, and there’s Ed Sheeran bouncing around while singing “I Want It That Way.” Are you hallucinating? I’d love to say no, but it honestly depends on the day. Yesterday, you would not be hallucinating.

Yesterday, Ed Sheeran popped up for a surprise appearance at at the House In Paradise club at O Beach in Ibiza, as The Daily Mail reports. Sheeran, who seemed to be having a good time, sang a quick set of songs with a live band behind him. (The sax player was really making sure to get his shit in.) Sheeran started off by singing his own “Shape Of You.” Sheeran just won a copyright-infringement suit over that one, and it’s probably his most Ibiza-appropriate song. After getting that one out of the way, though, Sheeran ran through a few singalong-ready party classics that are not his own.

In his quick set, Ed Sheeran sang the Backstreet Boys’ all-time monster jam “I Want It That Way.” He went on to Neil Diamond’s all-time monster jam “Sweet Caroline,” and he mostly fumbled his way through that one. Like many of us, Sheeran does not appear to know the words to the “Sweet Caroline” verses. He tried to read them off of his phone for a minute before giving up and just kind of humming through it, waiting to get to the chorus. And then Sheeran wrapped things up with his rendition of Britney Spears’ all-time monster jam “Baby One More Time.” You can watch a video of the whole thing below.

Imagine something else. Picture Dani Filth, in full corpsepaint, waiting around for Sheeran to finish up that Cradle Of Filth collab and just watching this video in total dismay.

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