Watch Alex G Play A Tremendously Chill “Miracles” On Colbert

Watch Alex G Play A Tremendously Chill “Miracles” On Colbert

Eventually, maybe, it’ll feel normal to see mercurial lo-fi guy Alex G playing his songs on late night television. Alex G is a big deal in the indie rock world, and he’s played giant festival stages with Frank Ocean, so why wouldn’t he get the same TV showcases that so many of his peers have enjoyed for so long? It still feels pretty weird, though.

A couple of months ago, Alex G played The Tonight Show. That was part of the rollout for Alex’s new album God Save The Animals, which came out last night. Last night. Alex went on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. George Clooney was also a guest on last night’s episode, and I would dearly love some details on any green-room conversations that they might’ve had.

On the show, Alex G and his collaborators played the soothing God Save The Animals track “Miracles,” and it sounded awesome. All the musicians on the stage were sitting down in a kind of V-formation, and Alex was way off to one of the sides, not in the center. I like that egalitarian setup. Watch the performance below.

God Save The Animals is out now on Domino.

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