Steve Lacy Smashes Disposable Camera Thrown At Him, Ends Show Early

Steve Lacy Smashes Disposable Camera Thrown At Him, Ends Show Early

Success has been strange for Steve Lacy. The Internet guitarist’s solo single “Bad Habit” recently rose to #1 on the Hot 100, which has led to a surge of interest in his shows promoting this year’s Gemini Rights. But not all of the attention has been fun. Some longtime fans have been complaining that interlopers who only know “Bad Habit” from TikTok are buying up too many tickets — a concern Lacy addressed onstage last week at New York’s Terminal 5, perhaps validated by footage of fans halting their “Bad Habit” singalong after the section that’s been endlessly looped on TikTok.

Another unfortunate music trend reared its head during Lacy’s show last night at Republic in New Orleans. People in audiences have been pelting performers with projectiles all year, from the bottles tossed at Kid Cudi and Harry Styles to the doll that conked Lady Gaga in the head. In Lacy’s case, it was a flying disposable camera that invaded his space, which so angered him that he retrieved the camera, smashed it, and immediately ended the show.

UPDATE: On Instagram, Lacy has shared a statement about last night’s show. It reads as follows:

my shows been fun as hell! shoutout to the people not throwing disposable cameras at me and just coming to catch a vibe and connect 🙂 i had a really good time in nola last night. i hate that the beauty of the connection i have with so many people in the crowd-gets lost when something negative happens. i don’t believe i owe anyone an apology- maybe i couldve reacted better? sure. always. i’m a student of life. but i’m a real person with real feelings and real reactions. i’m not a product or a robot. i am human. i will continue to give my all at these shows. please come with respect for urself and others please thank you love u

Watch footage of the incident below.

@diioorrxo_ hate when people ruin other people’s experience🤦🏽‍♂️. steve didnt deserve that.#stevelacy #badhabit #geminirights #fyp #music #concert ♬ Bad Habit – Steve Lacy

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