Human Highway Just Played Their First Shows

Human Highway, the duo of Islands’ Nick Thorburn and jingle master Jim Guthrie, played their first shows ever at Cake Shop on Monday and a show at Joe’s Pub last night. Both were co-headliners with Paul Simon’s son Harper Simon (sorry to name drop your dad, Harper) with Lavender Diamond’s Becky Stark opening. If you haven’t taken a listen to Human Highway’s debut album, Moody Motorcycle, it’s streaming at their MySpace. Or you can cut to the chase and check out how they looked on stage at the Cake Shop (as a quintet). The camera person fixated on Nick a bit, but the sound quality’s good.

“The Sound”

“All Day”

“Sleep Talking”

“Get Lost”

You can also watch “My Beach” at thedailycrosshatch’s YouTube profile. By the by, Human Highway’s currently at work on a video for Moody Motorcyle opener (and the first clip above) “The Sound.” It’s being made with animator Olivier Groulx, who also did Arcade Fire’s “Black Mirror.” If all goes well, it’ll be done by the end of the month.

[Photo by Jonny Leather]