GG Allin Biopic In The Works From Lords Of Chaos Director Jonas Åkerlund

GG Allin Biopic In The Works From Lords Of Chaos Director Jonas Åkerlund

A biopic about the noxious punk figure GG Allin is in development, per The Hollywood Reporter. The project is being spearheaded by music video director Jonas Åkerlund, who made Lords Of Chaos a couple years ago, which followed the also-controversial early ’90s Norwegian black metal scene. GG Allin: Live. Fast. Die. will depict Allin’s violent live-stage antics and his eventual death from a heroin overdose.

“This is exactly the type of real and raw story I am looking for and this film explores the ugly belly of the beast and how Kevin Allin came to be GG,” Åkerlund said in a statement. “Punk was already a genre about pushing limits, expanding on musical genres and the definition of artistic expression. At a time when punk was thought to be dead, sold out or too raw to survive, GG came into the scene bleeding, pissing, and sinking like no punk before. Live. Fast. Die. is about a sick person who should have asked for help. GG’s strong persona was a gift, but this borderline personality disorder was not treated, and killed him.”

The movie’s script was written was written by Richard Schenkman, who interviewed people still around from Allin’s inner circle, and it’s being produced by Don Murphy and Susan Monford of Angry Films and MVD Entertainment Group.

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