Monkeys = Trotskees

Caught In The Crossfire talks to Test Icicles about Arctic Monkeys and the good Clear Channel does…

This is a question aimed at you a million times now, but the Arctic Monkeys have suddenly just blown up, do you play shows with those guys? How does a label mate thing work with all them?

Rory: They basically keep us away from all the other acts I think!

Dev: We never meet any of them!

Rory: We met The Kills by accident the other day, they were very nice.

Dev: Sons And Daughters, we met them at a photoshoot.

Rory: But Arctic Monkeys support like, Franz Ferdinand and we don’t get asked to support our label mates, they’re worried something bad might happen.

Dev: Franz Ferdinand, I was asking for their stuff, like demos whilst they were recording the album, and I got a burnt CD … after it had been out in America! That’s what I got from our label.

Rory: Nah, but they’re good haha.

Test Icicles – “What’s In The Box” (MP3 link expired)

What is this with Clear Channel? Because a few people in the punk scene that I’ve come across really don’t like them?

Dev: I?m all for it! I think they’re doing great things haha. I don’t see why everyone is against them.

Rory: Because they’ve limited all the choices.

Dev: It?s all the best though.

Rory: It could be a good thing in that it destroys everything and proper independent music has to rise up again. It goes in waves doesn’t it, the bigger the aggressor, the bigger the fightback. It’s like Star Wars!

Darth Vader is at the top then, have you got the force?

Rory: I don’t think we have! Haha hopefully someone else will.

Sam: The Monkeys!

Rory: The Monkeys have got the force.

Dev: The Arctic Monkeys are kinda like … I can’t remember his name … Luke Skywalker!

Rory: They’re like Che Guevara! Or Trotsky!

Arctic Monkeys – “A Certain Romance” (MP3 link expired)