Watch Dry Cleaning’s Icy, Glamorous Fallon Performance

Watch Dry Cleaning’s Icy, Glamorous Fallon Performance

Here’s a lyric I never expected to hear on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show: “I don’t want to empty your bank account and give you nightmares/ But we’re in the middle of what they call three financial eclipses/ Is it still okay to call you my disco pickle?” But Fallon’s Tonight Show music bookers are evidently all-in on Dry Cleaning’s detached class-rage post-punk, and the band made their second appearance on the show last night. They looked cool as hell, too.

Late in 2021, Dry Cleaning, the onetime Stereogum Band To Watch, made their American TV debut on Fallon. Since then, Dry Cleaning have released their sophomore album Stumpwork. One of that album’s deep cuts is called “Hot Penny Day,” and it’s a kind of stoner-rock rumble about a tradition in one London neighborhood. Residents used to throw hot pennies at peasants and then laugh while they tried to pick up the coins. (They still do that, but now they use warm pennies.)

On Fallon, the four Dry Cleaning members, along with a touring member who played keyboards and shakers, brought a strange sense of glamor to “Hot Penny Day.” Frontwoman Florence Shaw has tremendous presence, and her makeup was on point. Bassist Lewis Maynard rocked an all-leather ensemble and looked like a lion. This band has an aura. Watch the performance below.

Stumpwork is out now on 4AD.

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