Watch Hailey Whitters Make A Charming TV Debut On Kimmel

Watch Hailey Whitters Make A Charming TV Debut On Kimmel

Back in 2020, our country music correspondent Marissa R. Moss picked The Dream, the second album from the Iowa-born singer and songwriter Hailey Whitters, as the year’s best country LP. Last year, Stephen Deusner named Whitters’ follow-up Raised one of the year’s best country albums. One of the songs from that album is “Everything She Ain’t,” an elegantly written leave-your-girl song that combines traditional country instrumentation with drum-machine handclaps. That song became Whitters’ first country-radio hit, and last night, she got to sing it on network television.

Hailey Whitters made her TV debut on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. She sang “Everything She Ain’t,” and she emphasized the song’s old-school country bona fides, from the prominent banjo and fiddle in the arrangement to the extremely frilly dress that she wore. It’s a real “oh, hey, I like this person” performance. Check it out below.

As it happens, Kelly Clarkson also covered “Everything She Ain’t” on her show today. Here’s that performance:

Raised is out now on Pigasus/Big Loud.

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