New Travis Video – “Song To Self”

Fran’s guys have an album coming out this month, and at this rate they’ll have a video for every song within a month or two. Following up on the 10′ tall guitar solos of “Something Anything” and the 40-hour elevator ride of “J Smith,” Mr. Healy finds himself, according to the band’s YouTube page, “Caught in a lonely freaked out acid hinterland created by the video director Nick Hooker.” He does look caught and lonely (yes I noticed the track title) in the vid’s volcanic astral plane, stuck in the sort of self-pitying contemplative mood that drives me to drink and smoke too much, but drives Travis to churn out that good ol’ rafter raising, introspective-yet-soaring rock. It’s like if Bono was wondering why it always rains on him, only more believable than that would be these days.

No, not original, but yes, better than most of the field mining similar terrain. Ode To J. Smith is due out 9/29 on the band’s Red Telephone Box label. Looking forward to it.

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