Lightning Dust – “Run”

Lightning Dust – “Run”

Amber Webber and Joshua Wells started their duo Lightning Dust as a Black Mountain side project in 2007. Since then, they’ve quietly released four excellent albums, and they’re about to make it five. In a few months, Lightning Dust will follow their 2019 album Spectre with a new one called Nostalgia Killer. They’ve just shared lead single “Run,” which is not a Ghostface Killah cover.

Up until the time their last Lightning Dust album came out, Amber Webber and Joshua Wells were a romantic couple. They’ve since broken up, but they’ve decided to keep making music together. Webber and Wells recorded Nostalgia Killer remotely in home studios, with Webber in Vancouver and Wells in Chicago. “Run,” the first single, is a synth-rocker that builds to a big, satisfying climax.

Amber Webber co-directed the “Run” video with Tyler McLeod. In the clip, she falls in with a gang of skateboarding, human-sized rats, one of whom is played by skate legend Chris Haslam. Here’s what Webber says about it:

“Run” is about the determination to keep moving forward and loving hard. To convey this, I highlighted my favorite aspects of the city of Vancouver, with some of my favorite humans as characters (Juliana Moore, Joshua Anderson, Adrian Mciness, Chris Haslam). I chose to use rats because Vancouver’s got a special kinda grit to it that I think a city rat embodies perfectly. With the chugging movement of the song, rats on skateboards were a no brainer — plus it’s so fun! Much like the feelings I felt at the time of writing the song, I was lost, with little faith left. Like the rat, estranged from her pack and forced to adventure on her own. Similar to my own story, with the help of a new friendship, the lost rat is reunited and reconciled with her old world.

Below, check out the “Run” video and the Nostalgia Killer tracklist.

01 “Wrecked”
02 “Run”
03 “Rapids And Rivers”
04 “I Do”
05 “Fallen New”
06 “Different War”
07 “Feel That”
08 “Only You”
09 “7 Year War”
10 “Shadow Of Verona”

Nostalgia Killer is out 6/9 on Western Vinyl.

Rob Butterfield

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