Stream Portrayal Of Guilt’s Nasty, Ambitious New Album Devil Music

Stream Portrayal Of Guilt’s Nasty, Ambitious New Album Devil Music

Texan weirdos Portrayal Of Guilt have always had a uniquely bugged-out take on heavy music. The band came up through the screamo underground, but they don’t fit neatly into that genre. For that matter, they don’t fit neatly into metal, hardcore, or noise-rock, either, despite elements of all those things. Instead, they’ve come up with their own aggressive, expressionist style that creates its own context. For their latest record, Portrayal Of Guilt have pushed even further outside of the expected. If there’s another album that’s anything like Devil Music, I haven’t heard it.

Devil Music is Portrayal Of Guilt’s follow-up to their titanic 2021 LP CHRISTFUCKER — hands down, best album title of the century — and it’s got its own concept. The first side of Devil Music is given over to jagged, intense full-band POG tracks. Those songs work together as a continuous suite, and they find POG operating within their own wheelhouse. You should be advised that these tracks kick ass; “Where Angels Come To Die,” in particular, will knock your whole shit sideways.

On side two, things get weird. The tracks on side two of Devil Music are all orchestral versions of the songs from side one. These are not songs that scream out to be played with strings and brass, but that’s what we get anyway. POG already shared a short film that included all of side two, but you really need to hear the whole thing all at once. Check it out below.

Devil Music is out now on Run For Cover.

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