Richard Ashcroft Returns (To Sampling)

Richard Ashcroft releases Keys To The World later this month, and I’m digging it even more than his two previous solo albums. What’s most intriguing is the ex-Verve frontman’s decision to borrow from Curtis Mayfield on one of Keys’ best cuts, “Music Is Power.” You’d think losing the royalties and publishing rights to megahit “Bittersweet Symphony” (and subsequently seeing Mick and Keef allow it in a Nike commercial) might sour Richard to the whole sampling thing. Of course, this time, he’s got permission. The sample’s from Walter Jackson’s “It’s All Over,” written and produced by Mayfield. Here are the old and the new for your listening pleasure.

Walter Jackson – “It’s All Over” (MP3 Link Expired)
Richard Ashcroft – “Music Is Power” (MP3 Link Expired)